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A guide to: No-show socks

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

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Summer arrives and so do the no-show socks. Either as a fashion statement or as a way to be comfortable, this item is a must in the wardrobe of any modern gentleman.

Why wear no-show socks?

Pretty much with any type of closed shoe your feet will sweat, and if you are not wearing any socks your feet will start to stink very fast. The smell can be hard to eliminate later from your feet and your shoes, which can lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations with people around you if you feel tempted to take your shoes off for any reason. Also when feet are exposed to prolonged moisture, there is a potential for foot fungus to develop. Fungus thrives in places that are warm, dark and moist, which is exactly what the environment inside of a shoe is like. With no-show socks your feet will remain fresh and yet you can still rock your outfit with “no socks”.

These type of socks work to prevent the development of foot fungus, and at the same time protect your feet from the rough leather or inside fabric from the shoe.

Classic rule for a classic gentleman:

In formal events that requiere attire you don’t normally use, we highly advise you not to use these type of socks. It will dress down the outfit. Simply use thin, over the calf socks that are normally made out of cotton or wool blend.

What no-show socks should I buy?

When shopping for this kind of socks you should take these features into consideration:

  • Silicon edge inside the sock. This will prevent the sock to slide inside the shoe

  • A firm spring to hold firm to your feet. It can loosen up with just a few washes if the spring is not made of good quality.

  • Look for socks with the most cotton percentage. This natural fiber will be soft and breathable at the same time. Avoid socks with high percentage of polyester, this synthetic fabric will not be breathable.

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How to wear them?

Wear them with sneakers, loafers or dressing shoes. It doesn’t matter what color or pattern you choose but we do advise you to not use white no-show socks for formal events. We now they are also called “invisible socks” but while you walk or stand a small part of the sock may show, and trust us, it won’t be flattering to look at a white edge on your dressing shoes. Keep the white no-show socks for sport occasions.

Align your outfit to the weather

Sometimes with fashion trends we forget to use our common sense. In most countries of the world winters are cold, so we tend to use warmer clothes. For some people this is not common sense and they wear no-show socks paired with wool/cashmere long coats and scarfs. Even if it rains or snows we can see people multiplying this trend all around the world letting their ankles free. It just doesn’t make sense.


We curated a few brands we think should have more awareness due to their quality, prices or social cause:

1. Bombas

A U.S. company with a social cause ($46 USD for 4 pack):

“Socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, so we donate 1 pair of socks for every pair purchased. From the beginning, the Bombas mission has been to contribute to the homeless community and encourage others to get involved.”

$11.98 USD for 3 pairs of the same color

You can see their reviews in their Amazon online shop

$15.99 USD for 6 pairs multicolor (you don’t get to choose the colors)

With options of building your own box of up to 18 pairs. With every order they send a prepaid shipping label (to be used only in US) so you can send your old pairs of socks to be recycled.

Remember, the objective of wearing dapper outfits is not only to look good but to also feel comfortable with what you’re wearing.


Here is a video by Tanner Guzy giving his point of view on how to style no-show socks with suits:

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