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Bugallo is a company which was started by an young entrepreneur in the the winter of 2016 with a simple objective: bestow the modern gentleman with exclusivity, elegance and quality. Currently we extended our products to made-to-measure suits and shirts. We know that every body is different and it's not enough to standardize sizes in retail stores, this is why, we have expanded our products in order to dress the modern gentleman with clothes that actually fits them and make them look better. 

Made-to-measure suits and shirts.

Experience what it is like to have a garment made exclusively for you and by you.

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Bugallo es creado en el invierno del 2016 por un joven emprendedor con un simple objetivo: Vestir al hombre moderno con exclusividad, elegancia y calidad. Sabemos que cada cuerpo es diferente y no basta con estandarizar las tallas, es por eso que, cada traje y camisa son creados desde cero de acuerdo a tu complexión y a tu gusto.

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