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Welcome to the world of


Our history

Hello! My name is Diego and I am the creator of Bugallo. Back in the winter of 2016 I got attracted to dressing in a more classy way and ditched my t-shirt outfits. The styles that first caught my attention were the italian and the English, and I noticed that the majority of them were wearing pocket squares and I did not even own one. So I went to some well known retail stores to look at their pocket squares but none of them seemed to fit my style.

I had some experience in sewing by hand, mainly just repairing holes and sewing buttons back, so I thought, "How hard could it be to make a pocket square?" So already the next day I was searching on the internet about how to make a pocket square. First I needed a fabric with a nice pattern, so I went into my closet and took out an old shirt that no longer fit me that had a really nice pattern. I did not know it back then but that pocket square was going to be the inspiration behind the beginning of Bugallo.

Product quality

Our Pocket square fabrics come from the finest silks and cottons from Lake Como situated in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region. This lake is well-known in the textile industry for its quality and elegant fabrics, which made them one of the most exported products of the latest century. Many luxury brands such as Armani, Chanel, Hermes, Ferre, Ungaro, Valentino and Versace import their silks from Lake Como. Como's silk industry started in the 1400's when Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, planted mulberry trees around the lake to the delight of local silkworms, and ever since then Lake Como's industry started to grow.


All our pocket squares are carefully handmade by the brand's creator using a hand rolled technique in which the stitching is almost invisible, only showing a tiny sequence of dots on the edges. This technique combined with the fabric quality of Lake Como improves the formal appearance of the pocket square making it a premium accessory for every occasion. 


Bugallo's 100% silk ties are entirely handmade in Italy with a self-tipped finish. In a self-tipped tie the tip of the tie is finished with the same material as the shell of the tie. 

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