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A pocket square transmits elegance when worn formally, confidence when is pair with suits and sophistication when worn with casual outfits like sport coats and blazers with or whithout a tie.


- 100% Viscose 

- Carefully hand rolled

- 33 x 33cm

Looks great in blue, gray and camel suits. This pocket square is versatile allowing it to show up to 4 different patterns on 4 different occasions due to it's corners and center patterns.


A pocket square is a small detail which will stand out your outfit from others. If you wear a pocket square shows that you are a man who pays attention to details and people who notice them will also be sharp dress people.

Royal pattern pocket square

    • Hand wash the pocket sqaure using cool water and a gentle detergent. Please remember to never wring or twist the wet fabric. After hand washing it, is best to place the wet pocket square on a thick cotton towel and roll up to absorb most of the water. 
    • To remove wrinkles from viscose fabrics, use a medium heat (silk setting) on your iron, you can also use a pressing cloth to prevent shiny streaks.
    • Steam can be used to remove the toughest wrinkles.
    • For specific stain removal please read the following article
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