Man that wear silk ties are clearly making a statement in quality and style. Choosing a silk tie is probably one of the smartest decision when it comes by buying ties. Silk ties are the most traditional and versatile ties that can be worn any time of year depending on the color and pattern.

- Width: 8cm ( ≈ 3.14 inches)

- Length: 147 cm ( ≈ 58 inches)

- Material: 100% silk

- Construction: self tipped

- Hand made in Italy

-Colors: Navy blue with yellow and light blue patterns, blue with red and white patterns and light blue with yellow and white patterns.

What is a self tipped tie?
It means the backside of the tie is finished from the same material as the self of the tie. The tip is cut separately to then be sewn on.

*Product colors might vary a bit due to the light

Geometric patterns 100% silk tie

Geometric pattern
    • Dry clean only
    • For cleaning oil stains use talcum powder on the affected area and leave it during the night
    • Do not use harsh detergents that contain bleaches or brighteners
    • For more detailed information please read the following article

Bugallo es creado en el invierno del 2016 por un joven emprendedor con un simple objetivo: Vestir al hombre moderno con exclusividad, elegancia y calidad. Sabemos que cada cuerpo es diferente y no basta con estandarizar las tallas, es por eso que, cada traje y camisa son creados desde cero de acuerdo a tu complexión y a tu gusto.

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